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Oncology Esthetics Spa Services ~ The services below were designed for men and women with compromised skin and someone living with cancer and or other health sensitivities such as oncology cancer, lupus, lyme's disease, fibromyalgia, or other health challenges.

With cancer diagnoses on the rise, chances are that you are or you know someone living with cancer or other compromising health conditions, or who has been affected by cancer in some way — whether a family member, a friend, a colleague or yourself. The side effects of cancer treatment can be destructive to the skin, body and soul. Oncology Aesthetics is a complementary therapy that can provide great positive physical and psychological benefits to you before, during and after your cancer treatment. The cancer treatments, while killing cancer cells, also affect healthy cells including the skin. Cancer therapies and treatments have many side effects and which may cause nausea, chemotherapy and radiation induced rashes, pain, dermatitis, skin dehydration, skin dryness, extreme dryness, inflammation, loss of elasticity, chemo-induced acne, radiation burns and potentially any painful fragile state your skin may be in! Most of which are ignored by doctors along with the mental and spiritual needs of the patient. Some educated doctors are recognizing the benefits of massage—as well as skincare for their patients and some are encouraging it!” Any skincare or massage treatments must be tailored based on node removal, the type of therapy being performed, where ports are located and the medications being prescribed.  The devastating impact that the disease has on the body, the effect it has on the emotional and mental state of the patient and the debilitating side-effects of the cancer treatment will determine the skin care protocol(s) and regimen to be used. Oncology Aesthetics doesn’t treat cancer but can help you better cope with cancer, your treatments, the side effects and help you feel better.

The “C” word… it can knock the wind out of you.  There is just so much more than just the cancer itself. It's the thought process, the unknown. Ask anyone who has experienced it or helped a loved one through it—cancer impacts every aspect of a person’s health and well-being. Spa services have been shown to increase production of endorphins which, in turn, reduce stress levels that helps aids in pain management. Penny knows first hand of the fear of the unknown and harm that cancer and its treatments cause because she is a Breast Cancer Survivor herself. She knows how difficult cancer treatment is for the mind, body and soul.  Her work experience and love of caring for others has guided her towards owning her own day spa. Penny is a licensed Esthetician and holds certifications in Oncology Esthetics & Lyme's Disease, Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology and Massage, all of which can be helpful for cancer patients. Penny will determine which services and treatments that will be best to help heal and nourish your skin, mind, body and soul all while using a holistic approach. 

Penny stresses the advantages of monthly or even biweekly facials during cancer treatment can help lesson some of these harsh changes the skin goes through. Her treatment room is all about comfort, calming, soothing and healing. Her goal with each client is to help calm, soothe and hydrate the skin, but each guest is going to come in with their own specific situation—different chemotherapy for different cancers—and all of this must be taken into consideration when setting up a spa visit. Her facials are known to help resolve current problems with the skin and prevent future ones. When her client finally reaches that state of total relaxation and she sees the stress leave their face, she knows she made a difference. That’s all the reward she needs. She has been personally affected by cancer on several levels and has a unique understanding of the physical and emotional challenges of cancer patients and survivors. Every positive action has meaning and self-care is a purposeful, effective stress reliever. A little extra compassion through human touch is never a bad idea.  It's not about being fixed, it's about feeling better, feeling cared for, and feeling like you again. Detachment, even temporarily, is quieting and de-stressing for the mind and body.

The skin is the largest organ in the body. It is our protective barrier and first line of defense against bacteria and viruses entering the body.  Many people believe that if a product says natural or organic, it is perfectly safe. Essential oils which are highly concentrated, and some herbs and plants can also be too irritating or stimulating to use on fragile skin, especially during cancer treatments. Proper skin care from the start of cancer treatment can help prevent or lessen some of these harsh changes the skin goes through. You can take comfort in Penny’s knowledge of ingredients that are safe for you to use. She can direct you to safer product choices, free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and other toxins. Penny makes some of her own organic skincare products and she researches the other products she sells thoroughly. Her products will soothe, deeply hydrate, and strengthen your skins weakened barrier, all while restoring the balance of your skin. Not all of her products are available for you to use, some products and their ingredients will simply be just too strong for you. Penny will use specially selected non-irritating and non-toxic products to help reduce those skin-related side effects of the medicines. They will be gentle and healing products, helping your skin regain a healthy feel and appearance, leaving you looking great and feeling better and making sure you are safe with the ingredients that she uses. She can custom make products tailored specifically for you to purchase that will help ease symptoms, skin reactions, improve skin and restore the skins lipid barrier.

During the right time, before during or after your cancer treatment, Penny can refer you to others that specialize in permanent cosmetic makeup tattooing for brows (which she no longer offers), areola pigmentation, self-imaging and mind work, meditation, guided meditation, healing touch, hypnotherapist, Reiki (a beautiful, powerful form of therapy, reiki is an ancient system of natural healing that works with the human energy bio-field. It is administered with a light touch of the hands upon various parts of the body in a pattern that promotes optimum energy balancing), spiritual coaching and other services that can help you during your cancer treatment.

You can choose one of the services below or choose them all. It will be up to you and your needs for the day!  All clients (new or with any recent changes to their cancer treatments) must complete an Intake/Consent Form so that Penny has the information required to properly advise you in regards to the services offered. Of course, no treatments are the same, as the needs of each client will differ greatly depending on what type of cancer they are being treated for or have been treated for in the past. Also the medical treatment will impact what a client can or cannot tolerate during a service. Penny doesn’t want people to come in and have her see them only as a person with cancer—they're much more than that! But at the same time she wants to make sure she is providing something safe and effective.

With cancer diagnoses on the rise, chances are that you know someone living with cancer or affected by cancer in some way. Do you know someone that is going through cancer or is a caretaker of someone with cancer? Then don’t forget to buy them a gift certificate today because they really need this!

Hydrating - Nourishing & Healing Facial $110.00 This facial treatment is designed for compromised skin and someone Living with Cancer (and other Health Sensitivities such as oncology~cancer, lupus, Lyme's disease, fibromyalgia, or other challenges. This stress reducing, hydrating and healing treatment will be customized to your unique needs. During your facial, Penny will use very high-end, gentle and organic skin care products all personally designed for you. They will hydrate, help to sooth and heal your skin. This facial is customized every step of the way! A gentle massage will accompany this oncology focused facial and will be a great stress reducer, since the first place that stress shows up is often in our face the benefits of a facial do go beyond the physical, including the benefits of providing a healing touch, encouraging relaxation and helping you to feel pampered. This facial helps in detoxification, stimulates blood circulation, slows the visible effects of aging, repairs the lipid barrier and brightens a dull complexion. The relaxation benefits are wonderful, especially since we know that stress can contribute to delayed healing and exacerbate side effects. So lay back and relax and let her take care of all your skincare needs and help your skin regain a healthy feel and appearance, leaving you looking great and feeling better.

Mini Hydrating Facial $70.00 A truly hydrating experience, this ritual refreshes tired skin, relaxes overworked facial muscles, and softens a tight jaw. This is an absolute must to hydrate the skin layers, relieve facial tension and repair the lipid barrier. Complete with warm towels, nutritious hydrating serums and oils. Pamper yourself today!

EYE TREATMENT $40 ~Add to your treatment

A perfect boost to refresh the delicate areas around the eyes. Hydrates and minimize fine lines with hyaluronic acid, peptide serum and oils to brighten and improve circulation. A perfect boost to refresh the delicate areas around the eyes, calming puffy eyes and dark circles.


~Add to your treatment~ A heated neck pad is applied around your neck. Then a thorough sequence of neck stretches is done after. This feel good ritual uses essential oils to invigorate the senses and to induce relaxation.

Luscious Lip Treatment $35 ~ Add to your treatment

A perfect boost to refresh, exfoliate with and herbal enzyme and hydrate the dry lip area and minimize fine lines with herbal enzymes, hyaluronic acid, peptides, balms and oils to hydrate and improve dry and cracked lips. This treatment adds a deep layer of moisture, healing cracked and dry lips.

Tension Calmer $45 ~ Add to your treatment ~

For anyone suffering from headaches, migraines, or eyestrain ~ this is the answer to your prayers. Soothing therapy for your head space, Tension Calmer is a holistic way to restore flow in the neck, face, and jaw. Cool and hot towels along with temple and brows work are done to help releive stress in this area.

Deep Scalp Treatment $65 ~Add  to any treatment~  

A relaxing scalp treatment & massage to relieve those tense head muscles with an application of Intensive infused Oils and enhancements of essential herbal oils. This specialty leave-in protector helps nourish your hair and scalp and releive all tension.

Hydrating Mini Back Facial $65                           ~Add to any Treatment A mini hydrating facial experience made exclusively for your back. A wonderful treatment of cleansing, herbal enzyme exfoliation, masque application and hydration. Purify those hard-to-reach areas for a smoother, hydrated and more even tone skin.

Hand Hydration & Reflexology $55                     

~Add to any Treatment ~ This Deep and therapeutic intensive treatment restores flow, flexibility and hydration from the elbow to the finger tips. This focused treatment includes dry brushing, pressure point work, infused aloe, our very own oils and balms infusion with all the herbal essentials and warm mittens. A saving grace for anyone with dry hands, leaving your arms and hands feeling soft again.

Foot Soak $35 ~Add Before Your Treatment~ 

Begin before your facial or massage treatment with a warm, soothing foot soak. The soak includes relieving Epsom salt, detoxifying baking soda, and aroma therapeutic essential oils.

Foot Reflexology $50 

~Add to your treatment~  A deep healing, that is science based on the principle that there are small, specific areas in the feet that correspond to specific muscle groups or organs of the body. Nerve endings are a map of the rest of the body. Through pressure and rhythm to the feet, reflexology is said to promote relaxation, circulation, and support overall health. Warm towels and infused essential oils are used.

Hot Stone Foot Healing $55 ~Add to your treatment~

Warm basalt stones are kneaded into your tired feet, also while using hot towels wrapped your feet with essential oils. Revive the body with expert point work to activate your tired feet.

Peppermint Foot Treatment $75.00                 

 ~Add to any treatment~  All this starts with a deep exfoliation using an invigorating Sea Salt Scrub, infused with peppermint and rosemary. All those rough spots will be scrubbed away. Hot towels are then wrapped around your feet, a hydrating peppermint cream is applied, and then your feet are slipped into warm booties, followed with an ancient ritual of purifying, kneading, and reviving the feet and lower legs using reflexology. Add to any facial and feel great from your head down to your toes! Drift in and out of ecstasy in this euphoric treatment of cleansing, foot massage and reflexology point work. The world is at your feet!